1/ What is the criterion of application?

• You should upload 5 – 10 videos and gain some views to let MCN networks qualify your channel based on your channel performance. Your channel should have banner, logo and a specific name. You need to drop down some words in description.

2/ How long can my channel join the MCN network?

• The time is around 5-7 working days.

3/ Why does my application get denied?

• The network refuses any applications when violating one of these factors including sexual, nudity and violent contents. Furthermore, the network does not allow any channels having a signal of spamming.

4/ Why does my channel unlink from the network?

• You may intentionally violate the network rules.

5/ How long does my dashboard get updated?

• Your earning will frequently update in the 15th of each months.

6/ What is the specific day that I get my earning?

• The payment day is between the days of 7 to 10 each month.

7/ Why doesn’t my dashboard update the payment?

• You need to contact to our support to resolve this problem.

8/ Can I change my payment method?

• Currently, the network offers only bank service. We are working out with others payment entities to open more payment services.

9/ Can I get my earnings when my channel has a suspension?

• MCN net always pays down to the last penny if Dailymotion pays it.

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